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About Abortion

Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures provided in Canada today. However, abortion opponents have used misinformation to mislead the public about abortion and the women who choose it.

Today, Canada is one of only a few countries without a federal law restricting abortion. Abortion has been legal throughout Canada since 1988. Learn more about the history of abortion in Canada.




Abortion Facts

NAF has worked since 1977 to ensure that women, health care professionals, and policymakers have access to factual information about abortion. NAF has created a series of carefully researched fact sheets that cover topics related to abortion and abortion care. Learn more abortion procedures and other facts about abortion:

Abortion Myths

Throughout the history of legal abortion, anti-abortion extremists have used propaganda, misinformation, and outright lies to dissuade women from choosing abortion.

Women have the right to make fully informed decisions about their reproductive health care free from these anti-choice myths.

  • The Abortion and Breast Cancer Myth
    No causal relationship between abortion and breast cancer has been scientifically established, nevertheless anti-choice groups continue to spread the myth that having an abortion puts women at a higher risk for breast cancer.
  • Post-Abortion Syndrome
    For years, anti-abortion proponents have attempted to convince the public of the existence of "post-abortion syndrome." No such syndrome is scientifically or medically recognized.