Access to Abortion in Canada

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In Canada, access to health services is guaranteed by the Canada Health Act. Abortion is considered a safe, legal, insured and funded service, meaning that a woman should not have to pay for abortion services in Canada.

However, access is variable across the country and women are charged fees at some facilities.

For example:



  • The only facility in Fredericton, NB is not funded by the government and anyone accessing abortion services there must pay out of pocket. Access to abortion care is mostly provided in large urban centres. Women in smaller communities or in rural areas still have to travel to the major centres providing care.
  • It is the hope with the approval of mifepristone that access will improve as physicians incorporate medical abortion into their family practice.

Abortion is funded under provincial and territorial health plans, and coverage varies regionally.

Denial of Service

Some health care providers may refuse to refer a patient for abortion care or withhold important information about her medical options. NAF has developed an information sheet, Has Your Physician Refused to Provide a Referral for Abortion Care? A Patient's Guide to Action (PDF file, 51K) to assist patients in asserting their rights in these situations.