National Abortion Federation (NAF) Canada

promotes, enhances, and ensures access to quality abortion care.

About NAF Canada

NAF Canada promotes reproductive health among Canadians by ensuring that abortion care is accessible and carried out to the highest standards.

We support physicians, nurses, counsellors, and administrators in providing safe, high-quality abortion care. We help improve abortion access by increasing the number of health care professionals educated and trained in abortion provision.

We also provide assistance for patients with financial barriers to abortion care through the Dr. Henry Morgentaler Patient Assistance Fund. This Fund helps pregnant people in Canada whose abortion care is not covered by provincial or territorial health insurance or who have to incur travel expenses in accessing abortion care. This fund honours the legacy of NAF member Dr. Henry Morgentaler, who brought the Supreme Court case that decriminalized abortion in Canada. By donating to this fund, your gift will go to help pregnant people in Canada access the safe, high-quality abortion care they need.

NAF Canada is a registered charity and can provide charitable tax receipts for donations.

History of abortion in Canada

Canada currently has no law regarding abortion; it is treated like other medical procedures and regulated through provincial/territorial and professional bodies.


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