The following information covers Canadian citizens and permanent residents, as well as other people covered under  provincial, territorial or federal  health insurance systems. If you are not covered by provincial, territorial or a federal health care insurance plan, check with the local facility that provides abortion care to determine what costs are associated with services in your region.

Abortion care is available in all provinces and territories, but not in every city.

What Services are Available


Surgical abortion is available in every province and territory in Canada. The map below shows the facilities that are NAF members where abortion services are available. We only list member facilities as NAF can attest to the quality of care provided; the facilities follow the Clinical Policy Guidelines that NAF updates and publishes annually. There are non-member facilities that provide abortion care services and we have no mechanism to attest to their quality of care.


In January 2017, medication abortion using mifepristone became available under the name Mifegymiso®. It consists of two drugs: mifepristone and misoprostol. Since its introduction, all provincial and territorial governments have decided to cover the cost of the medication. The cost coverage of the medication is available to people with valid provincial or territorial health insurance from the province where they are living. There are national programs that, also, cover the cost of this medication.

Access Zone

Several provinces have enacted access or “bubble” zones, a legally defined geographic region where protesting and related activities are not permitted, around abortion clinics.

The following provinces have bubble zone legislation:

Find A Provider

Think you’re pregnant? Find a NAF member provider in your province or territory.

A referral is not needed for abortion in Canada. Call the NAF Hotline at 1-800-772-9100 for additional information about member facilities or to determine whether you may qualify for financial support.