5 Reasons to give to NAF Canada


To help people access care with dignity

People call our Hotline who are forced to leave their home communities to access abortion care and others who are not covered by provincial or territorial health insurance. These people are forced to consider how to pay for health care and travel expenses that they often cannot afford. You can help patients afford their care or access resources to assist with travel so they can obtain the health care they need with dignity.


To support human rights

A person's right to make autonomous decisions about their body and reproductive functions is at the very core of their fundamental right to life, liberty, and security.


To ensure high-quality care

NAF Canada provides evidence-informed training and education to health care professionals providing abortion care and to primary care professionals interested in incorporating abortion care into their practice.


To fight stigma

NAF Canada helps abortion providers and patients share their stories in order to fight the stigma surrounding abortion care and the marginalization some providers experience.


To support research

NAF Canada works to improve data collection and reporting of abortions in Canada for statistical and research purposes.

Other Ways to Donate

Planned Gift

You can determine your legacy by making a planned gift to NAF Canada.

The most common way to provide a planned gift to help ensure NAF Canada’s future vitality and effectiveness is to include NAF Canada in your will through a bequest. Other ways to help NAF Canada plan for the future are to name NAF Canada as the beneficiary of your retirement fund or your existing or new life insurance policy, or through life income gifts.


Your attorney can easily revise your will or add an amendment to your existing will to include NAF Canada.

As your attorney will advise, you may arrange a gift of a specific amount, a percentage, or a portion of the residual of your estate; or you may bequeath real estate or personal property to NAF Canada. Please let us know if you have included NAF Canada in your will to help us plan for the future.

Planned giving benefits and arrangements in Canada will differ.

By Mail

You can mail a check to the National Abortion Federation (NAF) Canada.

To donate by mail, please print, fill out, and mail the donation form to:

NAF Canada
P.O. Box 95022 Kingsgate RPO
Vancouver, BC V5T 4T8